My Little Phish Page

I have known about phish for about 5 years
but I never really listened to them until about a year ago
For those of you, who have no Idea what I am talking about
Phish is a band that started in the early 80s
and they now have a following similar to that
of the Grateful Dead

Early in the Summer of 99, I went to my first phish show
And ever since then, I've been hooked..
I went out and bought all of the Phish CDs I could find
and have now started to collect tapes..
Right now I am waiting for New Years Eve 2000
Because I will be in Phlorida at the
Biggest Phish Show Ever..

Phish will be having a 2 day concert
They will play one set on the 29th
Then another on the 30th in the afternoon
And when the clock strikes midnight for the New Year,
They Start the last set.. and won't stop until the sun rises..

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