My Little Phish Page

On June 30, 1999 I went to my first Phish Concert at the
Sandstone Amphitheater in Kansas City, Missouri
with a few of my friends... after the concert I rushed out
and bought about 5 or 6 phish Cds.. but recently my car got
robbed.. and all of my 78 CDs are now in someone elses hands

// /phish/stub.jpg
This is my wonderful ticket stub that allowed me to get into the concert..
notice there were no cameras allowed into the amphatheatre..
but I risked my life to bring you these few pictures..

This is a good friend of mine from Warrensburg.. (even though I haven't talked
to him in a while) ..I went with him and his girlfriend to the concert
...they got the tickets for me..

This is Chris's girlfriend Cindy... you can click on her picture
to go to her Phish page..which kicks very much ass..

What a cute couple they make!?!

This is Eric.. a friend of Chris and Cindy ..he rode with us to the concert..
..seems like a pretty kewl guy ..but I havn't saw him since..

This is Emma.. she is another friend of mine from Warrensburg
There were other friends that went, like Robbie and Matt..
but I can't remember who all was there..

This is just some dude I dont know..
I walked around alot taking pics of the crowd, like the next few..

My friends Matt and Emma are in the middle of the picture if you can spot them..
the next few pics are from the show itself..

This is Robbie and some other friends.. after the show..

The show was GREAT.. can't wait for my second..
So Until then..

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