Movies I Wanna Buy

This is just a list of movies that I want to buy or tape sometime
within the next year.. the only reason I put this list on here
was so I wouldn't lose it.. and I guess it could help you know
me better, if for some odd reason you would want to..

Ive started a job at blockbuster.. so I am starting to get
copies of all of these movies.. which is illegal.. but oh well

These Are Some of My Favorites

Billy Madison Chasing Amy
WaterBoy Empire Records
Happy Gilmore MallRats
Dazed and Confused Half Baked
Can't Hardly Wait GO
Ferris Bueler's Day Off PCU
Dark Crystal Labrynth
Friday Varsity Blues

These Are Some of the Other Movies I Have

The Red Violin Animal House 12 Monkeys Wedding Singer
Big Daddy Neverending Story Austing Powers - Man Of Mystery Taxi Driver
Fifth Element The Mummy Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me Sixth Sense
Broken Down Palace Monty Python - Holy Grail King Pin Body Shots
Idle Hands American History X What Dreams May Come The Goonies

I will probably add more later.. but thats it for now..