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Back To The Future

Ahh.. The 80's.. Some of the best times of my life..
I have many fond memories of the eighties..
So I decided to share some of them with you

SCOOBY DOO!! Fraggle Rock Letter People Smurfs Heman
Snorks Voltron Shera Care Bears Mighty Mouse
Thunder Cats Pong Atari Rubix Cube Nintendo
8 bit graphics Zelda Mario Etch-A-Sketch Cheers
Ferris Bueler Shrinky Dinks Tie-Dye Slap Braclets Jean Jackets
Night Court Friendship Bracelets Hyper Color Opposite sketches Hulk-a-Mania
Cosby Show Family Ties tight-rolled jeans Slinky G.I. Joe
NapTime Where's the beef?